Can a chiropractor help a pulled muscle? A lot of people seek the help of a chiropractor for pulled muscle because the muscle’s soreness and stiffness can make daily living a burden at best and impossible at worst. Are you stumbling around the house, unable to find a comfy resting position, or finding it hard to move one of your limbs for even basic tasks? If this is the case, you may require chiropractic help and professional aid in overcoming your discomfort and returning to your normal routine.

The Many Causes of Pulled Muscles

What does it mean to have a “pulled muscle,” and how does it actually differ from a muscle strain or sprain? To begin with, a sprain occurs when ligaments are stretched or torn, whereas a strain happens when muscles or tendons are torn or stretched.

Pulled muscles can happen for many reasons, just as muscle injury can vary in degree. Here are a few examples:

Sports Injuries

Can a chiropractor help a pulled muscle?

Strained muscle while engaging in your favorite physical activity is all too common. This is the case if you’ve not fully warmed up or haven’t done proper stretching. Cold weather can also make people even more vulnerable to muscle strain. You could pull a muscle even when you are fully warmed up by hyperextending joints or putting the muscle under excessive tension all at once.

Vehicular Accidents

Car accidents can cause spinal misalignment, herniated discs, dislocated joints, and pulled muscles because they force your body into places it shouldn’t be in. Whiplash is a well-known example of these severe injuries. Your shoulder and neck muscles might be strained and damaged when your head is tossed back and forth at fast speeds. If you’ve just got in a vehicle accident, it’s critical to seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid complications from your pulled muscles.

Workplace Accidents

Did you trip and fall at your job or lift anything you should not have? These and other industrial incidents can cause severely pulled muscles in the lower back. The rib cage and upper back muscles might potentially be pulled as a result of a twisting accident.

Can a Chiropractor Help a Pulled Muscle

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We usually receive the question, “can a chiropractor help a pulled muscle?” Many folks are unaware of what to do because they have a muscle tear other than agonize through it. Not only could a pulled muscle cause stiffness and pain, but it can also cause immediate swelling and redness at the injury site. The first thing you must do following a muscle injury is minimize the inflammation. After you’ve completed the procedure, you’ll need to undergo thorough rehabilitation to assist the muscle fibers to heal themselves naturally rather than being stuck by adhesions, which are lumps of scar tissue that can impede recovery and contribute to persistent discomfort.

The following are some possible soft tissue injury therapy options:

RICE or rest, ice, compression, and elevation: RICE could significantly help alleviate acute discomfort and swelling throughout the healing process.

Massage therapy: Massage treatment increases blood flow and lowers inflammation across injured muscles, allowing them to heal faster and less discomfort.

Chiropractic help can relieve muscle pain.

Musculoskeletal manipulation: If you are prone to pulled muscles due to prolonged musculoskeletal stress, you may need to rectify a lurking spinal misalignment. Chiropractic care, adjustments, and other manipulation treatments could help you get your body back in line and avoid muscle injuries in the future.

Physical therapy: Your chiropractor for pulled muscle could prescribe the correct combination of exercises to assist you in making the muscles stronger and more injury resilient, ranging from rehabilitative activities to intensive strengthening regimens.

What Can You Expect During your Visit

On your first visit, the chiropractor would test your motion in the problem area and assess how it is impacting the rest of your body during your first chiropractic session.

The chiropractor for pulled muscle would then request you to move in specific ways and perform a few strength activities so that they can see your range of motion and how different movements impact your body. Your medical history will likewise be evaluated, and the most effective therapy plan will be discussed with you.

There are many causes of pulled muscles.

The chiropractor will use various movements for pulled muscles throughout therapy sessions to help heal the damaged muscles and minimize the client’s discomfort. They might recommend a type of treatment that incorporates warmth into the movement methods to help the muscles relax faster.

How A Chiropractor Can Help Treat & Manage Pulled Muscles

Although spinal manipulation and adjustments are the foundation of chiropractor help, other treatments may also be beneficial. Spinal adjustments straighten the spinal column, reducing pressure on the spine and promoting recovery. Treatments using ultrasound could help to enhance circulation and relieve discomfort. Galvanic muscle stimulation can also aid with pain relief. Massage aids in the passage of air and helps to release stiff and injured muscles.

While in an office visit and conversation with your chiropractor for a pulled muscle, the particular care plan you require will be decided. Diagnostic pictures, like range-of-motion tests, X-rays, and a full exam may be included during the first appointment.


When you’ve pulled a muscle, you would like to feel well as soon as possible. However, don’t mistake a lack of discomfort with good recovery. Taking pain relievers and playing or working despite discomfort might aggravate your injuries. And if you do not want the injury to resurface, ensure it’s completely healed.

Massage therapy can also be used with chiropractic care.

Nothing does better than chiropractic services for a pulled muscle. Optimal health chiropractic help in the improvement of joint mobility in the affected area. This will relieve stress on the muscles and assist you in avoiding re-injury. Kinesio Tape is also useful for supporting and assisting muscles in their recovery after an incident.  

Is your pulled muscle causing you intense pain that disrupts your daily living? You do not have to live in pain and discomfort! Call us today to set an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can a chiropractor help a muscle strain?

Yes, your chiropractor for pulled muscle has an array of treatment modalities and tools to help alleviate inflammation and discomfort, as well as help you recover from a muscle strain as soon as possible. They may use various therapeutic techniques that may involve specific devices or methods. Your chiropractor for pulled muscle could also recommend a combination of treatment modalities, depending on the kind of muscle strain you are dealing with.

Can chiropractors help with muscle pain?

Chiropractors can help with muscle pain. Soft tissue adjustments boost blood flow to the affected area, providing pain relief and helping the pulled muscle heal faster. A chiropractor for pulled muscle could also focus on the musculoskeletal system, aligning the joints to make sure that you are ready for future physical activity.

Should you go to a chiropractor for pulled muscle?

Chiropractic treatment is usually associated with discs, bones, and joints. However, treatment of the muscles is a vital aspect of chiropractic help. Treatment approaches and methodologies should be holistic. Issues in one area of the body, like a disc or joint, can result in pain and discomfort in the muscles.

During your visit to a chiropractor, they will thoroughly assess the cause of your pulled muscle. They could recommend treating it with different physiotherapeutic muscle treatment techniques, while other times, they could recommend chiropractic adjustments or even a combination of chiropractic treatments and muscle therapy.

What will a chiropractor do for a pulled muscle?

Pulled muscles can be caused by restrictions in the body and joint dysfunction. If those are not resolved, then there is no hope the pulled muscle will be resolved either. Other treatments like massage would only provide temporary relief if the root cause of the problem is not properly addressed.

If your pulled muscle is caused by conditions related to the spine or joints, chiropractors will remove restriction and dysfunction through hands-on chiropractic manipulation methods. Once those issues have been dealt with, then the pulled muscle can begin to be fixed worked on through muscle therapy treatments to resolve them.

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