If you have scoliosis, you might be interested in looking for a chiropractor for scoliosis and in procedures that help you manage your condition. This could be especially true if you’ve started experiencing scoliosis problems like shoulder or back discomfort.

What Is Scoliosis?

Before talking about scoliosis, two things need to be understood. First, a lateral or sideways curvature in your spine is called a “scoliotic” curve. A scoliotic curve differs from the disease or condition known as “scoliosis” or “clinical scoliosis.” The most common time for a clinical scoliosis diagnosis is when the curvature reaches 12 degrees. At this point, the curvature may impact posture and mobility significantly and sometimes even cause discomfort.

Scoliosis comes in two types:

Structural Scoliosis

A form of scoliosis called structural scoliosis is brought on by the way the bones are shaped. The upper vertebrae may turn sideways if certain bones are trapped on one side.

Scoliosis comes in two types.

The symptoms of structural scoliosis may be relieved by chiropractic, osteopathy, or physical therapy since these modalities can enhance joint range of motion and mobility, which may lessen discomfort. Yet, because we cannot alter the structure of the bones, it is extremely challenging to alter how the spine is aligned.

Functional Scoliosis

Functional scoliosis is the other kind of scoliosis. Conservative treatments like chiropractic care may effectively treat this kind of scoliosis. When your posture causes your spine to bend sideways rather than so much that the bones are wedge-shaped, you have functional scoliosis.

Scoliosis Is More Than Just Bad Posture

Scoliosis is a disorder in which the spine is curved abnormally. Often, this curvature occurs before the start of puberty. Milder forms of scoliosis are the most prevalent, and they can range from moderate to severe. According to the American Society of Neurological Surgeons, six to nine million individuals have scoliosis. Thus, scoliosis is more frequent than we realize.

Scoliosis has unclear underlying causes; however, it occasionally coexists with muscular dystrophy. Scoliosis is not just a condition of poor posture, in general. Instead, it could occasionally cause pain and discomfort for the affected person.

Signs of Scoliosis in Adults

Scoliosis symptoms in adults are different from those in children. The warning indications of scoliosis for adults are listed below:

  • Your height has unexpectedly decreased. This is because it is challenging for you to stand fully erect due to the curvature of your spine.
  • Your feet hurt, and you have problems walking. Your spine’s aberrant curvature, which can make it difficult to feel comfortable, frequently causes problems when you try to walk.
  • Your back has an unusual lump on it. Scoliosis typically manifests physically in this way.
  • You’re worn out. This is because the condition’s aberrant posture causes exhaustion.

These are only a few scoliosis symptoms to watch out for, but they are the most common ones.

Can A Chiropractor Straighten My Spine?

Surgery is the only known treatment for scoliosis and is usually only recommended for people with a curvature of at least 50°. All other scoliosis treatment options, including treatments from a chiropractor for scoliosis, aim to lessen your symptoms and stop the curve from worsening to improve your quality of life.

A chiropractor can create a non-surgical and drug-free treatment plan to help you manage the condition.

Chiropractic treatment is holistic. By putting the spine and other joints back in the right position, it hopes to help the body repair itself. A chiropractor for scoliosis can create a non-invasive, drug-free treatment plan that addresses various spine problems.

Although a chiropractor for scoliosis can’t straighten your spine, studies have significantly improved scoliosis sufferers’ spine curvature, pain, and disability score.

A chiropractor for scoliosis can increase the range of motion and flexibility while reducing pain by using spinal adjustments and flexion distraction to “stretch out” thinner regions in your discs.

Also, it is simpler to carry out the exercises suggested by your orthopedic specialist to strengthen the muscles supporting your spine when you can move more freely and effortlessly.

The Benefits Of Working With A Chiropractor For Scoliosis

Here are some incredible ways a chiropractor can assist you if you have scoliosis.

Assist You In Controlling The Issue

The last option for scoliosis treatment is regular surgery. Therefore going to a chiropractor for scoliosis is a great way to handle this condition. A chiropractor can assist you in understanding what you can do to manage scoliosis using exercise, stretches, and years of training and expertise.

Provide Non-Invasive Treatment Options

For minor forms of scoliosis, back braces and sometimes even drugs are sometimes employed. Devices that pull the spine straight may be employed in more difficult situations. This includes utilizing tools like pulleys or hammocks. Hence, for mild to moderate instances, seeing a chiropractor instead of undergoing a more involved and invasive operation is one option to manage the disease.

Chiropractic care is non-invasive since no surgery or gadget implantation is required. Also, controlling the disease in this manner is more natural and all-encompassing.

Treat Spinal Misalignment

A chiropractor for Scoliosis can treat spine misalignment.

A chiropractor for scoliosis can employ natural chiropractic techniques to aid posture and spinal alignment because scoliosis can result in misalignment. The chiropractor performs this chiropractic adjustment. With this adjustment, the chiropractor for scoliosis manipulates the spine with their hands or a tiny instrument. Although it requires some force, surgery is more intensive.

Provide Pain Relief For Misalignment-Related Suffering

A misaligned spine frequently brings on neck, hip, back, and shoulder discomfort. Correcting the underlying misalignment will ease the strain on these various bodily components. This suggests that a chiropractic adjustment would be highly beneficial if you are experiencing neck or back discomfort.

Help You Save Money

If you have scoliosis, you might think that surgery is the best way to manage your problem. However, by seeing a chiropractor for scoliosis, you could address your scoliosis and any additional discomfort related to this issue. That means that you’re spared from purchasing drugs and other items that claim to aid with pain and stress relief.

Help Those With Disabilities

Patients with scoliosis are seen as having disabilities to some extent. Their health may have an impact on their quality of life. The condition makes it harder for them to move or perform physically. All forms of scoliosis must be treated to reduce the risks and consequences of disability, even if social benefits are only given to individuals with severe enough cases.

Chiropractic care can be helpful in this situation. Patients who consistently receive chiropractic care see improvements in their disability ratings over time. A scoliosis patient’s quality of life can be improved by chiropractors when you couple it with the pain alleviation they offer.

Help Ease The Discomfort

A chiropractor for Scoliosiscan help you manage pain and discomfort from your spine condition.

Painful scoliosis is a possibility. Even if the discomfort from their scoliosis interferes with their everyday lives, many individuals with the condition do not have a curvature that requires surgery. They occasionally consider chiropractors while seeking therapy. This is a wise decision because chiropractors may assist in reducing discomfort brought on by scoliosis.

The patient experiences discomfort as a result of structural issues with the spine. Although chiropractic care cannot resolve such issues alone, each session will help the patient feel less discomfort. Also, a chiropractor for scoliosis can offer advice on how to move and relax to reduce discomfort.

They Can Lessen The Angle Of The Spine

The degree of curvature determines how severe the scoliosis is. A chiropractor for scoliosis can help lessen your spine’s curvature, and they can also stop it from getting worse. The secret to making this work is regular chiropractic care.

A recent study was conducted, and twenty-eight adult scoliosis patients who had the same chiropractic care for 24 months were the subjects. Cobb angle, as well as discomfort and impairment, were among the parameters. The findings after 24 months revealed improvements in all measures, indicating that the spine angle also improved.


It is reasonable to say that chiropractors are one of your best options for scoliosis treatment, given everything they can do for your scoliosis patients. If you’re still unsure whether chiropractors can treat scoliosis, know that they can improve things, which is more than enough for a condition that cannot be treated. We can assist you if you’re dealing with back discomfort from scoliosis or any other cause. Reach out to us today!

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